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Advanced PowerBuilder Book

In 1998, James Woodger co-authored an advanced PowerBuilder book aimed at experienced project staff. The book is called "Developing Enterprise Applications with PowerBuilder 6.0" and it has been published by Wordware Publishing Inc.

Unlike the majority of PowerBuilder books on the market, this book is not be a tutorial. The book assumes that the reader is experienced in developing PowerBuilder applications.

The book is divided into three sections:

  1. Architecting an Enterprise Client-Server System using PowerBuilder
  2. Optimizing Client Development in a PowerBuilder project
  3. Advanced Development Techniques Using PowerBuilder

This book focuses on the substantial technical expertise gained by the authors through several large client-server projects. The book is an attempt by the authors to "short-circuit" the long and painful learning curve that most advanced developers encounter when moving from developing small Windows applications to large client-server applications.

The target audience for the book is a project manager, technical or application architect or senior developer interested in building Enterprise client-server applications. Both front-end and back-end issues are discussed.

Chapter Outline for the Book

Section 1: Architecting an Enterprise Client-Server system using PowerBuilder

Section 2: Optimizing Client Development in a PowerBuilder project

Section 3: Advanced Development Techniques Using PowerBuilder

Internet orders and further information is available for this book.

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