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Woodger Computing Inc. helps companies through all phases of Internet-based application development. We specialize in helping projects employing the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) model with Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). We have a broad range of application experience including Finance/Investment, Sales/Purchasing, Manufacturing/Distribution and Accounting/Billing.

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Woodger Computing Inc.'s website provides discussion of Development, Architectural and Methodological topics, relating to web and client/server system development under the following major topic headings:

Development Tools (including Java/J2EE, JavaScript, Visual Basic)
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Contact Information

Principal Consultant
  James Woodger, BMath in Computer Science, MBA
  Telephone: 905-338-0629

Mailing address
  1404 Hastings Road
  Oakville, Ontario L6H 2Y1

Electronic mail:[JW contact mail]

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Feedback from Satisfied Clients

"James does not approach systems development as an isolated activity. Rather, he grasps the business context and strives to maximize the value of every dollar."

"In addition to helping the team learn the new tool, James designed and built many valuable library extensions which made the development of our application much easier."

"Building the methodology with you was tough at times, however, through it all you showed flexibility, leadership, class and professionalism."

"James does a very good job in tailoring his communication with users, managers and peers on the development team so that technical and business issues are understood and resolved."

"Based on the functional specification that you and your team created, I believe we now have the basis to create the best Acquisition system in our industry"

"James demonstrated an unusually high level of empathy and insight into the business side of the project. He truly had the customer in mind -- both the company and the end user."